Energy and supply

Netcompany has helped many of the large energy-supply companies with big changes and increased marked competition via integrated flexible solutions that combine the whole business with sales, service, marketing, production and ERP, across departments and business areas. 

Our supply customers have had great success in the last few years with the introduction of CRM. The solutions have been characterized by:

  • Focus on customers instead of address/installation.
  • High degree of automation / self-service, e.g., with contracts or moving.
  • Close integration to relevant part systems (e.g., billing, web, online marketing)
  • Case handling efficiency in customer service / call centers.
  • Customer servicing with a diversified product range.

Currently, we help many of our customers with the transition to the new wholesale model, to promote competition in the industry.

Within waste management, we have a turnkey solution, currently used by three municipalities in Denmark based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution handles all aspects of waste management, from contract management, to emptying, and, finally, to billing.

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Nikolai Nimann Nielsen