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Nordea Liv & Pension - Going Mobile

Netcompany assists Nordea Liv & Pension in realizing a new self-service platform for mobile devices. The solution allows customers to access personal retirement data on iOS- and Android devices. Furthermore, the new platform can be used for the upcoming self-service portal from Nordea Liv og Pension.


Nordea Liv & Pension has acknowledged that the company’s customer-oriented digital solutions are increasingly important for competitive reasons. Therefore, the company has launched an ambitious digitalization strategy, that is to create a strong digital presence, and give the company’s customers a user friendly and quick access to relevant information, and an advanced self-service. Netcompany plays a central part in the realization of Nordea Liv og Pension’s new mobile self-service solution.  



Netcompany, 1508 and Nordea Liv og Pension has in close cooperation, over a period of 6 months, succeeded in designing, realizing, and setting an app in to production, that fulfills Nordea Liv og Pension’s ambitions. The application was designed using Google Ventures 5 day sprints where, in only a week, an entire creative development process, from idea to prototype, is carried out.  The prototype is tested by a user panel who has given valuable feedback prior to the development of the app.

The solution is a hybrid app based on PhoneGap and AngularJS. The application is based on a REST API that make up a fully functional motor under the solution, and it will also make up the core of any other customer-oriented digital development projects in Nordea Liv og Pension. 



The project has set new standards for agile development projects in Nordea Liv og Pension – both in terms of delivery time and quality.

See the solution here.

The main challenge in the development of the new app, was the fact that we needed to quickly create a working app, based on a line of prototypes. Netcompany supported this process through action-oriented solutions and fast execution

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