Danish regions

Further development and maintenance of Sunhed.dk

Sundhed.dk is a public health portal under Danish Regions, the Ministry of Health, and the Local Government Denmark. Sundhed.dk provides the Danish public with a direct access to health information and makes it possible for the citizens to communicate with the Danish healthcare system. 


In 2015, Netcompany overtook the development and maintenance of Sundhed.dk from a previous supplier. We have, among other things, modernized the platform in relation to responsive design 

In combination with the new request-for-tender schedule of maintenance and further development, Sundhed.dk wanted a strong supplier that could guarantee an efficient modernisation of the Danes’ access to public health information.  


Netcompany has made an efficient redesign of Sundhed.dk, which includes the use of responsive design where the solution maintains usability on mobile devices. 

Netcompany has ensured an improved editor experience and increased the solution's flexibility through a more standardised use of Sitecore. This applies both to the editor related parts, such as creating users / rights, and to a reasonable division and reuse of content

Netcompany ensures furthermore, that sundhed.dk is efficiently integrated with a line of health systems such as e-journals, the organ donor registry, LIMS, and so forth. In addition, public data, such as social security, is also utilised along with an integration with Borger.dk.

The engineering team uses the agile approach, SCRUM. This approach ensures high efficiency, flexibility and adaptability, all in close partnership with the client.