Akademikernes A-kasse launches cohesive platform with the members in focus

Akademikernes A-kasse is the fastest growing and second largest unemployment fund in Denmark, with more than 215.000 members. With an increase in members of 1-2 % every quarter, and operating in an industry affected by ongoing legal changes - this generates complex demands for IT support. More precisely, there is a need for innovative and flexible solutions that digitalize manual working procedures, and put the members in focus.

Tasks are solved in unison

Netcompany and Akademikernes A-kasse work closely together in an agile, project based environment where we have delivered a wide variety of solutions, where both parties take part in the solution, from idea to operation. Netcompany take pride in understanding the customer’s business, and have great experience in the employment area.  Thus, we can engage in an early stage and contribute to business insight and sparring when new projects begin/commence.

When the projects are well defined, Netcompany takes the formal responsibility and make sure that the projects are followed through on time and budget.  Along the way participants from Akademikernes A-kasse are integrated as a natural part of the agile projects, based on Scrum. Lastly, Netcompany takes over the operation of the solution which is hosted in the cloud or in Netcompanys own operations center whilst the support and changes stay in the team that build the solution.


Top class results

The close cooperation between Netcompany and Akademikernes A-kasse has resulted in a long line of solutions that offer streamlining and unique user-experiences both for employees and members.


Website with integrated self-service and job portal

The latest solution is a new and responsive website and self-service, that offer unique and personalized user-experiences for members. Anonymous visitors, who may just be looking for the unemployment benefit rules, will also get a personalized user-experience. With the intelligent personalization, the website quickly learns, based on the user’s behavior, if fx. the user is looking for articles for self-employed or students, so that the website can suggest relevant content and actions. The solution is search engine optimized and integrated in social media. 

The relaunched self-service support the entire journey of a member at Akademikernes A-kasse, and is built from a mobile-first approach that secure a consistent experience for both mobile devices and computers. Besides self-service, the solution offers a job portal that especially helps the unemployed members find work. At the same time the job portal makes it easier for the recruitment department at Akademikernes A-kasse to match new openings with the members searching for a job.

All portals are delivered on the Episerver platform with integration to a line of core systems at Akademikernes A-kasse.

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Digitalization and system modernization

Furthermore, Akademikernes A-kasse have had a new core system based on Modulus, Get Organized and Microsoft CRM delivered - the Modulus system complex has become a frequently used standard in the industry. Modulus handles the payment of unemployment benefits whilst GetOrganized handles several million documents and letters that has been exchanged between members and the union.

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CRM secure a 360-degree member overview that can be used both by marketing for sending out personalized offers and by the consultants at Akademikernes A-kasse when they need to book meetings with members or carry out manual changes concerning a member’s unemployment benefits or early retirement benefits.


At Akademikernes A-kasse the focus is on the individual member. It is important to us that the member feels acknowledged and met by relevant information in our digital solutions. This is made possible through our new intelligent website that adjusts to each member’s situation and needs, both through our large database in CRM and the member’s online behavior.
Thomas Brunsgaard Andersen, project lead and chief consultant in Akademikernes A-kasse

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Thomas Cordth