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AO gets a new responsive and user friendly webshop and mobile platform, as well as a CRM system to support effective sales activity by, for example, reacting automatically to Churn Prediction.


Brd A&O Johansen is one of the leading merchants in the building industry with over 630 employees and 49 hardware stores in Denmark. 

AO had an existing e-commerce solution, which had served them well for several years, but was significantly out-dated. AO had previously tried to introduce CRM-systems to streamline the workflow, but without success.

Because the building industry is in the midst of significant development in relation to digitalizing and e-commerce, and because AO has high ambitions on that front, there was a need for a well-designed platform that included CRM and an increased focus on proactive use of the collected data on customers and their behaviour.

The goal was to take a quantum leap in servicing the B2B segment with a solution that targets the builder’s needs as well as providing for internal streamlining at AO.



AO and Netcompany have in partnership established the new user friendly e-commerce solution and a CRM-system with following areas of focus:

  • Easy oversight of the product categories and products, with detailed information and photos, as well as an easy oversight of related products.

  • A strong search- and filter-function to facilitate finding products across all information on the products.

  • Implementation of a responsive web design so that the solution works across devices and makes it easier for builders to order on-the-go.

  • A strong Churn Prediction built on a neural network, which performs seven times better than a traditional static model; this makes it possible to predict churn with a precision of 70%.

  • Automatic processes in CRM to support management of sales activities for the retention and care of customers, which can make the sellers aware of a negative development in a customer's buying behaviour.

  • Omni channel marketing provides relevant product campaigns through both web and e-mail.

  • Customer oversight provides the opportunity for additional sales and cross-sales by showing customer-buying-behaviour compared to similar customers.

  • A self-service scanning solution to AO’s stores that makes builders’ shopping visits easier and faster.

  • The opportunity for customers to order online via which thereby ready for pick up within an hour.

  • Development of existing App-solutions with a future hybrid app that provides customer experience across web and mobile platforms.

  • The technology behind the solution is EpiServer SMS/Commerce for e-commerce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for collection of relevant knowledge about customers and supports the sellers’ work processes, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to marketing activities, Apptus to search of good and promotion of related products and Movesx M3 as underlying ERP platform. is the contractors’ preferred webshop. It is not your everyday webshop. The webshop adapts to individual costumer’s product needs, which makes the buying experience far more relevant and effective.”
Stefan Funch Jensen, Director of E-commerce and Marketing, AO Johansen 

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