Student job at Netcompany

As a student worker, you will get a job that develops your skills and looks good on your CV. You will receive the best opportunities for boosting your career.  

A student job at Netcompany is much more than a supplement to SU. We will give you a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to face new challenges – challenges you elsewhere would not get to try until after you are done with your studies. You will be learning from the best and working closely with some of the most talented people in the business, who are always available to you. 

You get a head start by beginning your career in Netcompany - even while you study. You gain relevant work experience, and build your skills by applying what you learn at the university in practice. 

At Netcompany, we have many examples of leading managers who started as student workers. Their time as a student worker gave them the optimal offset to their career, and has led to an increase of responsibility in short time. By combining the theoretical from your degree with a student job here at Netcompany, you will experience all the exciting opportunities that a role as an IT-consultant gives. 

Under ‘Vacancies’, you will find the different positions aimed at students.