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Improving efficiency by implementing best of breed software solutions.

In today’s market, organisations are seeking to significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies any way they can. By intelligently implementing the right software solutions, Netcompany has enabled some of the largest organisations in the world to achieve these aims within their current operational environment, as well as preparing them for future expansion.


Wealth of experience

Netcompany has decades of experience working with some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. We have an in-depth appreciation of how business processes can be reimagined and streamlined to not only reduce cost but also increase the agility and flexibility of an organisation, whilst delivering a platform that supports ongoing organic growth and acquisitions.
We are recognised experts in this field and work tirelessly with our clients to identify candidate processes. We then refine these processes and implement a best of breed technology service that will ensure your teams can co-operate effectively and that their tasks are controlled to your standards.  Our processes will traverse the different departments, organisations or providers within your service chain, whilst also ensuring the communication between your existing services is maintained or improved.


Our approach

Our approach is industry leading and our Agile methodology allows organisations to remove inefficient processes without causing unnecessary disruption to business critical operations. Our methodology enables the rapid implementation of a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution such as CRM, ERP and Document Management, which because of our process identification experience, is seamlessly tailored to your organisation. It also provides for the continued on-boarding of additional processes.  We operate our delivery with absolute transparency to you, and depending on your business requirement are able to work onshore, offshore or a blend of both.

After agreeing your core platform, we will help you to implement it and then operate a simple six step process on an iterative basis:

1. Business Process Identification – Identifying the business processes that can be automated
2. Defining automation & data requirements
3. Tailoring the core platform
4. Integrating the process to your other systems
5. Piloting the system’s implementation
6. Implement & maintain the process
We have extensive experience with a wide range of COTS and in-house built services to achieve automation and document oriented workflows respectively, we also maintain deep experience in a number of other industry leading solutions and can advise you on your selection process.

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