Netcompany has rebuilt the platform of the Danish register of motor vehicles, optimising related processes.

Since 2012, Netcompany has rebuilt and continuously modernised the platform of the Danish Register of Motor Vehicles.

The solution streamlines all vehicle processes both internally at the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (SKAT) and with the companies and individuals using it.

The new Register of Motor Vehicles has realised large cost savings (including the closure of almost all motor vehicle registry offices) while increasing user satisfaction extensively.

Netcompany’s solution for a fully integrated, digital motor vehicle register means huge cost savings for one of the most used national public services. It has reinvented the way the Danish authorities handle and issue driving licences and collect tax, while also giving insurance companies access to vehicle data when issuing policies.



  • Large government cost savings and process optimisation
  • Extremely user-friendly and actionable platform
  • Efficiency – dealers and MOT companies can distribute licence plates without visiting the motor vehicle registry office
  • Cross-industry integration – while registering motor vehicles, insurance companies can check liability requests and handle insurance claims, drawing on digital vehicle data

Kim Clausen Agerskov