Digital Development

Our clients trust us to deliver the most complex development projects, many of which require stringent security accreditation. Our extensive IT transformation experience means we can help you all the way from innovation and initial business case creation right through to data migration, system integration and handover to service operations.

Today, more and more businesses require applications and cloud-based IT solutions to give them a competitive edge. At Netcompany, we understand the challenges of creating new services or migrating from inflexible, dated applications and processes to customer- and user centric, responsive, cost-effective and efficient solutions.

For any organisation embarking on, or working through a digital transformation journey, selecting a development partner who can rapidly create or understand your strategy and work with you to identify your prioritised business requirements is essential.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do

Working across many sectors and technologies, with experience gained from designing and delivering hundreds of applications, our architects, designers and developers can help you achieve your digital transformation regardless of size, complexity or budget.

Drawing on our wide experience, we can help you innovate the way your people and customers interact with you and each other through the delivery of high-quality solutions, allowing you to dramatically improve customer experience, productivity and outperform your competition.


Solutions we provide

From web and mobile applications to complex, secure, scalable services that require legacy and new systems integration, data migration and complex business process services, Netcompany can deliver all of your needs in a cost-effective and efficient way.

We develop solutions that will integrate seamlessly with both your existing and new systems. We will develop applications so they fit all the business drivers and requirements you define, leaving you with a tailored, working solution that can grow with your needs and not simply a new tool.


Benefits of our development service

We work tirelessly to create the best business outcome for our clients through our tried and tested engagement model and by offering commercial terms that incentivise successful delivery.

  • You're always in control. Your IT and business owners are continually involved throughout the requirements gathering, design, development and testing stages of your new applications.

  • We work in a way that suits you. We operate an adaptable and pragmatic Agile development methodology to fit your governance.  In particular, we are expert at adapting our Agile methodology to quickly intercept work to programmes that may be using a Waterfall approach.

  • Fast and accurate requirements capture. You’ll have access to expert design and development resources to ensure rapid prototyping of applications that support initial business requirements capture.

  • We're incentivised to deliver. Through our innovative commercial models, we share your risk. Because of this, we are as committed to delivering your business outcome as you are.

  • UK delivery and cost-effective development. Our hybrid onshore/offshore delivery model provides cost-effective delivery with UK-based project management, business analysis, technical and support staff working with you at your premises.

  • Recognition that needs vary throughout a project. Our change management approach allows for flex in requirements during the development process and does not penalise you when new requirements evolve.

  • Trusted, and proven standards and approaches. For UK Government customers we align our approach to standards such as the GDS Service Design Manual and Design Principles.


Netcompany's flexible approach to development

At Netcompany, we are experts in Agile development. Being Agile experts doesn’t mean we don’t deeply understand Waterfall development methodologies. Simply, we see that using Agile delivers the best results in the shortest time for our clients. What we do understand is that often, a development requirement is uncovered during a project that may be using a Waterfall methodology. It’s here that our flexible Agile approach enables us to align the development of your application to fit the flow of an existing change programme.

Whatever development style is needed for your requirement we’ll make sure you’re involved at every step and fully in control;  you’ll be an integral part of our Agile development process, in developing user stories as well as being included in sprint planning, reviews, retrospectives, user acceptance testing and prioritising backlogs.


Support after delivery

At the end of either development process, and depending on your requirements, the delivery method can be dictated by you. The three most common transitions to in-life service are:

  • Application hosted on your infrastructure with in-life service handed over to your support teams.

  • Application delivered on a SaaS commercial model with in-life service handed over to your support teams.

  • Application provided on a SaaS commercial model with a fully outsourced managed service by our Service Operations team.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ support solution for a new application or solution and we will adapt the handover and support to your needs.


Our team

At Netcompany, our expert team of UK based Project Managers, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, Architects, Implementation and Service Operations staff and our highly experienced Vietnam based developers, supported by Northern European resources work seamlessly to deliver your digital transformation on time, on budget and to the highest quality.

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