Digital and Technical Advisory

Our Digital and Technical Advisory services provide recommendations to bring real benefits to your business in terms of cost and quality.

Our Digital and Technical Advisory Services are there to ensure your organisation benefits from true unbiased and professional advice to help with your digital and technology needs. Our Digital and Technical Advisory team consists of some of the best technologists available, each of whom have in-depth experience across a wide range of industries and technologies. They have worked on some of the largest, most complex and secure environments and are uniquely positioned to provide you with advice and guidance about your technology estate and future requirements.


Our bespoke approach to advisory services

No two organisations are the same – so it follows that each and every advisory needs to be tailored to your requirements, both in approach and output. At Netcompany we have developed a process that delivers highly customized recommendations aligned to your organisation's needs in terms of both business and technology requirements.

We build our advisory teams to suit each organisation. Every team member is picked for their knowledge, their experience and the skills that they bring, therefore ensuring they are relevant to your specific organisational goals. Critically, Netcompany is technology agnostic. We can – and will – recommend any solution, approach or technology to ensure that you get the most appropriate solution in terms of functionality, cost and integration capabilities.

Our Digital and Technical Advisory services consist of 4 key areas:

  • Programme and Technical Health Checks
  • Cost Reduction Initiatives
  • Architecture and Strategy
  • Application Reviews


1. Programme and Technical Health Checks

We are often asked to perform health checks on programs or operational IT services. These health checks provide an organisation with a completely unbiased and independent review of the programme or service. All of our health checks are performed by seasoned technologists and programme leaders, each of whom have many years of experience.

We are often engaged to perform a health check on a problematic system or application. Our team of deep subject matter experts will perform a ground up review of the system and identify the fixes required to bring the system back to health.

Our Programme Health checks will focus not only on the milestones and deliverables trying to be achieved, but on the overall programme structure and governance. Our report will suggest improvements that will bring the programme back on track and highlight any resource changes that may be required.


2. Cost Reduction Initiatives

Many organisations within the public and private sectors have cost challenges, this has been especially true of the past few years. Our team have significant experience helping organisations reduce their cost base whilst not negatively impacting key services and our innovative procurement models ensure that we drive maximum cost reductions whilst minimising your risk.

We help drive large scale cost reductions by a variety of methods, these include assisting organisations moving to cloud based services, helping organisations right size their team and re-negotiating or re-procuring existing services.


3. Architecture and Strategy

It is vitally important that organisations have a coherent and strategic plan for their Digital and Technology estate. All too often organisations do not have this view and therefore tend to buy technology in an ad-hoc fashion when business demand is received. This results in a disjointed estate with a plethora of technology to support and maintain.

Netcompany works with organisations to fully understand their future business requirements as well as their current technology estate. We are then able to use our deep industry knowledge to advise and define strategic technology roadmaps which align with business and cost requirements.


4. Application Reviews

Our team are able to quickly build an in-depth understanding of how businesses use their applications in terms of core functional apps as well as line of business applications. Our team have significant experience advising organisations how to transform their application estate and are true experts ensuring systems are fit for purpose and highly performing.

With the ever-growing popularity of cloud based offerings, we assist organisations to determine what services could be fulfilled by an external service and what the impact to the organisation would be in terms of user adoption, technical integration and true costs of the service.

We also help organisations ensure they have a robust and automated mechanism to the deployment, removal and patching of applications across their entire estate and are also able to help ensure license conformity.

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