Cognitive Computing

We are ready to help usher your business into a new age of IT, where, at an increasing rate, we will see computers that are able to solve complex tasks in the same manner as humans – also called Cognitive Computing.

Netcompany is at the forefront of development in this new digital era, where computers use various forms of learning and artificial intelligence to solve advanced digital tasks that previously required human insight and intuition.

There is already consensus in the IT industry, that the application of these techniques presents one of the most significant growth areas in the future, and Netcompany is ready to help our clients utilise Cognitive Computing to future-proof and differentiate their businesses. 

With a clear focus on practical business applications, we are working with Cognitive Computing to create value for our clients within 3 specific areas:


  • Churn Prediction: Our unique, intelligent solutions can tell you which of your customers/members you are most likely to lose before it happens. The high level of precision this technique enables you to rapidly increase your performance.
  • Fraud Detection: Trained artificial intelligence finds the patterns of behaviour that reveal fraudulent activities.


  • Product suggestions: Which products should you show customers? Artificial intelligence will gauge the relevance of every single product for each customer, meaning that you can use loosely coupled product suggestions to create value in an omnichannel context.



  • Process optimisation: Are your business processes optimised according to the targets that you have set for your business? Together, we can ensure that they function at the highest level, by training intelligent models to identify patterns in your optimisation potential.

Netcompany is investing heavily in solutions and competencies within Cognitive Computing, and in our internal knowledge center, our artificial intelligence experts are working to derive business value from the newest models and techniques. The payoff is evident, as Netcompany has already won several prizes for our innovative, AI-based solutions.

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Helen Mott