Application Management

The pressure of achieving maximum uptime for your business-critical services is relentless. Transitioning new services successfully in to live operations is also essential. Through our experience of running our 24x7x365 Service Operations Centres, we can advise and provide an integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.

Experience a new level of operational support expertise

At Netcompany, we know there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to supporting your business-critical applications. Our definition of application support goes well beyond a simple Level 1 or Level 2 offering. In fact, our focus is on developing a deep understanding of your support environment, where operatives are driven to proactively identify and fix issues – not merely escalate to the next level of support.
Every situation is different and we’re able to offer help in a number of ways that include enhancing the capacity and capability of your existing team, wholly owning the support of your specialist applications, or advising on the service architecture and design for transforming your production services.
While we can flex to provide on-premise or cloud support, we use the most appropriate methods and processes based around ITIL and COBIT when designing the right support structure (people, process, technology) and only use proven automated services.
We pride ourselves on exceptional service level agreements (SLAs) for organisations running highly customised and industry-specific services, meaning our personnel are highly skilled with experience of running some of the largest, most complex and vital operations in the UK. Significantly, they fully understand the detrimental impact a poorly performing IT service can have on an organisation.


Tightly integrated with your organisation

As well as using our own proven service operation toolsets, we can integrate with your existing management tools to provide a seamless interface to your organisation.

We offer a full range of IT operation services, these include:

  • DevOps Transition and Support

  • Application Management & Support

  • Infrastructure Management & Support

  • Service Management & SIAM

  • Operational & Security Monitoring

  • Driving Operational Excellence

Our experience across multiple technologies including Microsoft .Net, Microsoft SharePoint, Java, Dynamics CRM, Sitecore, EPIServer, PHP, Drupal and Microsoft BizTalk has meant we are able to maintain and further develop solutions for a broad range of industries and public sector organisations.


DevOps Services

DevOps is at the heart of our service operations success, enabling us to rapidly and continuously develop and improve services for our clients. We are able to analyse your existing operations and design a DevOps model that integrates your existing best practices.

Our experience and credentials come from our wider experience of systems integration, application development and ongoing managed services, enabling us to implement DevOps in your organisation.


Application Management & Support

Netcompany’s Application Services has significant experience taking on the support of bespoke and highly secure applications including, where required, migration to cloud based platforms. We maintain the solutions developed for you by Netcompany, as well as custom solutions developed by a third party.

Additionally, our team of technical experts are experienced in a wide range of both common and industry-specific applications, allowing us to precisely tailor your application management and support service package to your business needs. Because every case is different, we provide SLA’s designed around your unique package and situation.

If you are looking to migrate support to the cloud we work with AWS™, Microsoft Azure™ and UKCloud™ who we select based on your needs.


Infrastructure Management & Support

Regardless of your infrastructure architecture, we can provide support on-premise or in the cloud.

With experience of managing large scale, secure and complex estates consistently to high SLAs, our industry-leading team is passionate about minimising outages and ensuring uptime meets and exceeds your requirements.

We operate a Continuous Service Improvement approach in Application Management, as well as throughout our other service lines and always strive to deliver improvements over and above contract requirements.


Service Management & SIAM

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is an area of increasing importance due to the growth in use of multi-supplier operational services. We can help you to assess, design, build and operate your SIAM operating and transition model based on implementing operational excellence and developing the skills of your support staff.

The SIAM framework enables you to manage various IT providers, presenting a single business-facing IT environment. We have significant experience helping both public and private sector organisations to achieve this on a global scale.


Operational & Security Monitoring

Our ISO20001-aligned operational and security monitoring services ensure your IT services are running effectively and securely, enabling you to focus on your core business activities. Our team can work to design the best monitoring solution for your situation and integrate our team into yours, providing a seamless level of service with a common toolset.


Driving Operational Excellence

The Netcompany team are expert at recovering failing or failed application management service operations. We have seen this unfortunate situation occur with services that are provided by internal teams but also with outsourced partners. When you engage us, we will work with you to determine the desired goals and provide a recovery plan covering commercial and technical arrangements across your team and any outsourced providers.

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