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With substantial industry knowledge, Netcompany helps you to digitise and support the full customer journey. We assist you in establishing and optimising the apps and platforms in your entire value chain, focusing on user-friendliness, automation, use of standard systems, as well as reusable components. We do this while continually striving for low maintenance and operating costs.

The Danish supply sector has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and Denmark is today one of the greenest and most energy efficient countries in the world. Ongoing liberalisation measures have increased competition and placed the customer in the spotlight; customers who today seek better and cheaper products and services that also have a large digital footprint.

Netcompany assists suppliers of energy, fibre, waste disposal and wind power — amongst others — in supporting the digitisation of products, services and internal processes. We do this using the latest technology and our comprehensive supply platform and ecosystem of reusable components. We combine and customise these standard platforms and components to suit your needs, so your business protects its competitive advantage, while also reducing running costs and time-to-market for new business ventures. 

We help large suppliers adapt to the market’s constant changes and steadily growing competition, using integrated and flexible solutions that connect the whole company with sales, service, billing, self-service, marketing and ERP across departments and business areas.

Netcompany is the only business on the market that can help you digitise the entire customer journey — from first touchpoint and on to the creation of long-term, high-value customer relationships.  

We deliver solutions for all levels of the value chain, focusing on user-friendliness, automation and use of standard systems. 

Lastly, Netcompany is unique in the marketplace for one key reason: our goal is to support our customers in achieving digital maturity. Our focus is on designing a digitisation approach that works for a client's individual needs, and not — like so many others — on selling licensed products. We ensure that you are able to independently run new digital initiatives yourself. This means our focus is in the right place and that we can deliver solutions that truly work for you — today and in the future.

Innovative customer portals, apps and digital universes

These days your customers expect user-friendly and effective digital solutions that function on all devices. They expect to easily find information on your website and to perform relevant actions in a simple and straightforward way. This can include actions such as ordering new products, registering a new address, monitoring usage, changing internet speeds, viewing and amending payment options, and many more.

Netcompany specialises in delivering integrated and easy-to-use digital universes. This specialisation has been built in part through working with a number of supply clients as well as through the many digital solutions that we have provided the Danish public sector, e.g., Smittestop App, BBR, etc.

Omni-channel Customer Engagement platform

A successful CRM system can completely transform the way in which you, as a supplier, support and create added value for and from your customers. Over the last few years, Netcompany has successfully introduced CRM systems for a number of suppliers. These solutions have become business-critical focal points for all customer interaction across all departments. They handle key areas such as: customer ownership; fully integrated 360° customer overviews; powerful case management (e.g. customer service with omni-channel support); plus innovative sales and marketing solutions as well. We deliver these solutions via the two leading platforms: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM and Salesforce.

Cloud-based billing

Your customers deserve an invoice that is clear, accurate and on time — every time. Customers must also be able to view and pay their invoices using simple and modern payment solutions. Netcompany offers a forward-thinking alternative to outdated, costly billing platforms and complex ERP systems. We can offer you a cost-effective and cloud-based accounting solution that is modular, flexible, easy to integrate, and, importantly, boasts low running costs. It also ensures that you are not tied to one particular provider.

Field Service and planning systems

Make service a strategic advantage with a powerful Field Service solution. Netcompany specialises in delivering and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service; offering everything you could possibly need as a supplier, from optimised contract planning and competency management, to predictive maintenance.

Your customers will enjoy a better experience with an integrated and strong Field Service solution that manages appointments, material use and invoicing, while also providing insights into the task at hand, too. Planners will be supported more effectively with both manual, assisted and fully automatic planning options, based on availability, vehicles, geography and skills. Meanwhile, technicians will be given dynamic route planning options and a tool for improved task execution, checklists, time-recording, and much more.

Standardised ERP and Asset Management platforms

Netcompany specialises in Microsoft ERP systems (AX, NAV, Finance & Operation, Business Central). We deliver innovative supply solutions that concentrate on optimising the utilisation of standard platforms. We succeed in keeping your ERP free from complicated custom adjustments, as these all too often serve to  increase costs before, during and after operation.

Waste management

Netcompany has created a turnkey solution that offers one of the best waste management systems on the market — that’s why it’s used by some of the largest local authorities in Denmark. The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power apps and can assist you in the management of all phases, ranging from customer and contract management to waste collection and advanced accounting. In addition, we offer a powerful, online self-service system, providing a simple and easy way for citizens to view and amend waste arrangements, view collection dates, find the nearest recycling centre, and more.

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