The future of Smart hospitals

In a recent interview with BetaNews, Netcompany Partner Prahlad Koti says to be successfully smart, hospital systems must be interoperable and supplied with reliable sources of data.

In June 2021, the UK government announced a plan to transform how data is used across the health and care sectors. The goal is to give patients control of their health data and enable staff to save more lives through improved care and treatment.

One aspect of this strategy is the development of Smart Hospitals, which will use digital interoperability to redesign traditional hospital processes, systems, and infrastructures. The NHS is currently being urged to invest in Smart Hospitals - both when building new hospitals, and when upgrading existing facilities with smart infrastructure.


Sharing Patient Records

Prahlad says, “Central to the vision of a Smart Hospital is enabling patient records to be shared between systems to allow for faster, more specialised treatment. However, healthcare has always struggled with the integration and interoperability of its systems and continues to do so.

For example, if I needed to look at my personal health record, there are parts of this that reside with my GP - and other parts held by hospitals I might have visited - but there is no one centralised place where I can see everything. The NHS as a whole has all of my information, but it’s not completely joined up and available to access in one place.

My view is that it’s not possible for a hospital to be Smart unless systems are interoperable. And in order to achieve that interoperability and modernisation, we need reliable sources of data. There needs to be an investment in..."


To continue reading, check out the full article at: Beta News - Interoperability and basic data are key to future of Smart Hospitals.

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