How Digitalisation and Data Make Energy More Efficient and Sustainable

Ben Scott, Principal at Netcompany, reveals why he believes now is the moment to press fast-forward on the digital transformation of the energy industry, and how we can utilise data to predict future demand.


“The UK’s energy industry is in uncharted waters, and it is being impacted by conflicting forces which are above and below the waterline. Firstly, prices are rising at levels unseen in a generation, and are only predicted to increase further -- this is having a knock-on impact on the economy and the consumer wallet. Secondly, from a sustainable perspective, it is clear that more must be done, and more quickly, to both protect the planet and achieve the UK’s Net Zero targets.

Other industries have had their digital moments, but the digitalisation of the UK energy industry is only at the start of its journey. Can digitalisation and data in particular be used to reduce electricity prices and also increase sustainability? I really think so."

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