Netcompany and UK Public Sector leaders unite to tackle policy-making challenges at Innovation in Government Summit

Netcompany, the fast-growing European IT services business which made its name helping to digitise Scandinavian governments, today announces a major sponsorship of the 2023 Innovation in Government Summit. This annual event, which will be held in London on 21st March, brings together government officials, tech experts, and industry leaders to discuss the latest innovations in public sector services.

The summit will cover a wide range of topics, including innovation in policy making, which is of particular interest to Netcompany. As governments around the world face increasing challenges to deliver policies suitable for a fast-changing world, public servants need new approaches to solve today and tomorrow's problems. From digitising services to setting the framework for future challenges, Netcompany will participate in a session that explores how governments are innovating to quicken, and in some cases, overhaul policy making processes.

The scale of Netcompany's sponsorship highlights its rapidly-growing ambition to be a trusted partner to the UK public sector, where it already provides innovative digital solutions to help deliver better services and outcomes for British citizens such as the widely praised COVID pass. During the summit, Netcompany will share its extensive experience in implementing digital solutions that deliver on the policy-making strategies, in particular emphasising its experience in supporting public sector to deliver on these policies, both in the Nordics and the UK.


Richard Davies, Country Managing Partner of Netcompany comments: "Netcompany's significant role in implementing successful digital government across Europe is making us an increasingly important partner to the UK public sector. We are committed to supporting their goals of transforming digital public services, delivering high-quality solutions, and providing value for money for taxpayers. I’m thrilled that we are supporting the Innovation in Government Summit and I can’t wait to share our experience and insights on how innovation enables effective policy making strategies."


André Rogaczewski, CEO and Co-founder of Netcompany continues: "It doesn't take think tanks and focus groups to identify the challenges our citizens face and the demands of a rapidly changing economy. The issues are already well-known, and the solutions and ideas are already out there. I look forward to sharing my views about how the clever use of digitisation can transform traditional policy making processes, enabling greater efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in the public sector.”


Netcompany will also participate in a panel discussion to explore innovation in policy making. This session, which will be followed by an audience Q&A, will provide an opportunity for delegates to further engage with Netcompany and contribute to the conversation on innovation in policy making.