In a market with greater transparency between a company's products and services and where customers increasingly expect to be able to serve themselves, it is essential to offer strong digital solutions that both attract new customers and retain existing ones by offering outstanding customer experiences.

We have worked in service, across industries, for many years. We place ourselves in the customer's shoes and, at the same time, understand your challenges. That way, we can create a foundation for integrated processes and IT solutions that give you a unique competitive advantage in this rapidly developing sector.

We help many of the largest service companies to put the customer at the centre of all their systems and processes, creating a unified view of the customer journey across departments and processes. We have vast experience with the two leading CRM systems on the market - Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. Read more here: CRM and marketing.

We use this customer journey overview to create personalized self-service solutions and to ensure a relevant 1:1 dialogue with clients, with a view to generating additional sales and strong customer loyalty.

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Simon Seymour-Perry