Telecommunications and media

Netcompany has telecommunications and media solutions covering everything from self-service portals and mobile applications to billing, subscriptions and CRM systems.

Netcompany has delivered technical solutions for telecommunications and media companies for many years.  We create a platform for agility and constant innovation by analysis of your existing systems and the implementation of enabling technologies across your system landscape. These ensure you're able to quickly bring to market new innovative products while improving customer satisfaction, increasing sales and building more efficient internal processes. 

Our solutions cover everything from customer facing systems - self-service portals and mobile applications - to admin systems, such as billing systems, subscription systems and CRM. 

We aim to provide you with a good foundation for decision making through Business Intelligence solutions and creating highly efficient processes – both manual and automatic.


Digitalising API

The industry’s fast digitisation makes it necessary to establish a digitalising API on top of the already established systems. The API shields the new innovative and distinct solutions from the complexity of the underlying systems. Netcompany provides the API and the new innovative solutions targeted to the customers.


Complex data migration

We are responsible for the success of some the telecommunications market's most complicated migrations, expansion of receiving systems and management of the process to ensure minimal churn.


Billing platforms

We leverage the power of modern platforms to offer telecommunications and media companies flexible and efficient tools that support changing processes and business models. 
Netcompany has experience  providing the leading billing platforms from Aria, Ericsson Metratech, NetCracker and Amdocs.


Operations and maintenance

We also offer maintenance and operations of your solutions within a DevOps service framework. Our service operations people have significant experience and will quickly ensure that our solutions meet your business requirements.

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