Manufacturing and engineering

Netcompany is a recognised implementation partner for industrial companies. We have earned that distinction through a large number of successful projects across the sector over the last decade. 

The engineering and manufacturing industry is changing because of globalisation and digitalisation. Netcompany can help you with specific solutions that create innovation and stand out from the competition. The solutions are built as layers outside of the ERP-system, which provides agility and ensures that the ERP system is kept close to the standard system.

The solutions are designed around customers' and partners’ needs and introduce a digitalised layer, with, among other things, mobile apps, Omnichannel, e-commerce, customer service systems, agile process management, document handling and decision support systems. 

We continually challenge our customers with how the newest technology can create business opportunities. The Internet-of-Things is an example of that, which makes brand new digital service concepts possible.

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Helen Mott