Netcompany is a leading IT implementation partner for financial companies. Our experience covers all sectors, from Banking and Insurance to Pensions. We have developed our significant experience through a great number of successful projects where the recurring theme has been to establish innovative digitisation, on top of the legacy core systems.

By analysing and implementing innovative digital solutions throughout your system landscape, we can enable you to join up processes and collect intelligence from every step of the customer journey, so you can improve customer satisfaction, increase sales and efficiency in internal processes. Our solution covers improving the performance of your customer-facing systems - the self-service portals, mobile applications - while stabilising and scaling your business-critical internal systems and CRM. We aim to give our clients better access to the information contained in their data and to improve their decision-making processes with the help of Business Intelligence.  

We can also maintain your solution with our experienced service operations team. Our agility can bring your solution to market quickly, ensuring your solutions meet changing business requirements at all times.



Within the pensions industry, we have, among other things, implemented Omnichannel customer universes focused on innovation. These have significantly increased customer satisfaction, provided effective integration solutions for partners and brokers and effective CRM-systems which provide differentiation independent of the core pension systems, as well as integration between internal systems.



We have helped banks with innovative digitalisation in e.g. mobile applications, customer management systems, agile management of processes, document management and decision support systems. Our clients include large European banks.



In the insurance market, we have great experience in internet sales, Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse, production configuration, price calculation, process support and solutions for integration. We have, among other examples, developed solutions for Codan, Zurich and Aon.

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