Netcompany Corona passport for a safe and efficient reopening of society

The challenge for all in 2021

With the introduction of Covid-19 vaccines for millions of citizens, and an active use of frequent test results, societies can soon once again reopen. This has to happen in a safe and efficient manner.

Netcompany's digital Corona passport is an efficient, secure and scalable solution that supports a safe reopening of societies and businesses, granting citizens access to the workplace, business- and holiday travels, healthcare institutions and cultural institutions. In addition, the solution can support a more responsible return of private gatherings, weddings etc.

The solution is built on technology that prevents forgery and complies with the authorities' current guidelines, and it is ready-made to be adapted to ongoing developments, such as mutations and new test solutions. This ensures that organisers and citizens can feel safe, while society gradually reopens, and venues and cultural events can remain open, without experiencing long queues, as the app works offline as well, and checks can be made in less than one second.

The app is user-friendly and simple for both citizens and organisers to use, and the protection of user privacy is central to the solution; all data is stored on the user’s phone.

A user-friendly solution

The app and its underlying design is built for frictionless and easy usage throughout all user interactions. Built on proven technology, the solution supports current major platforms (iOS, Android) and the underlying framework is designed and built to scale.

The user interface is designed to ensure that everyone can easily use the app through self-explanatory designs, user nudging and accessibility best-practices. Moreover, the app supports all forms of self-registration, which can save test site personnel of crucial time, enabling a higher test throughput.

High-availability and a scalable infrastructure, in addition to the solution not requiring internet access when time is critical, ensures that both citizen and venue experience a frictionless user journey.

Security is a top priority

Security and user protection has been built into the app design at multiple levels to ensure test validity and maintain citizen trust in the reopening process, without usability impact.

Citizen authenticity is supported through visual identification both at test site by a supervisor and at entry into venue.

The corona passport validity is secured through digital fraud prevention measures such as gyroscope-based animation and visual verification elements encoded into the QR code, preventing tampering or copying of codes. This ensures a high level of trust in test results and enables specific test requirements for higher infection-risk venues.


A safe and efficient reopening of societies

The app solves several challenges related to reopening society, helping businesses get back on track and opening the world up again.

Helping businesses recover

Helping businesses recover

Business owners can protect their staff and stay open by ensuring that only safe workers are on-site.
• The Corona passport provides a consent-based overview of staff corona status, allowing for a safe and dynamic staffing of newly tested or vaccinated staff members.
3rd party integrations give effective and controlled access.
The citizen controls who to give access to, by accepting or declining consent.

Opening the borders

Opening the borders

A need for international agreement.
A digital Corona certificate must work across all countries.
National varieties make it more complex to be a traveler.

Our Corona passport works across country borders:
Built on Netcompany's covid-response technology which is already in use in several countries, it is an open platform that can be integrated into national registers and systems, and fully supports each country's specific rules and regulations.
A Danish app ready-made to form part of an international standard.
The passport is p
repared to support a united certificate issuing authority.

No long queues

No long queues

The speed of corona passport checks are crucial to avoid long queues at events.
• Checking physical certificates or requiring login is time-consuming, and checking in registries require internet access.
Conducting events where gatekeepers check hundreds of attendees will be impossible.
Time-critical checks (e.g., in busses/trains/metro) without a digital passport are impossible to implement safely.

Our Corona passport has several time-saving functions built in:
• Works offline and a check takes less than 1 second.
• Provides the opportunity to transfer certificates between phones safely.
• Enabled to 3rd party integration of data access control in relation to user- (corona)status, ensuring effective, secure access control at events.

Fast and safe roll-out

Fast and safe roll-out

The time it takes to roll out the Corona passport is crucial.
• Physical certificates are time and resource-consuming and will put great pressure on a health sector that is already under great pressure.
• Certificates issued at the place of vaccination will induce long queues.
• Requires a high level of trust in the population to gain sufficient usage.

The app makes it easy and safe for citizens to use the passport:
Citizens conduct the issuing of the passport themselves after receiving a vaccination, reducing the use of governmental resources.
Built in order to easily integrate to other apps (e.g. Denmark’s Smittestop app), and integrates to the vaccination registry, securing the integrity of vaccination statuses.
Is built with privacy-by-design and stores all data on the user's phone.

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

A need for built-in security against fraud
• Forgery of the passport will ruin its credibility and thereby its value.
• Physical certificates can be forged through screenshots and manipulated pictures.

Our Corona passport:
In Denmark, the app uses the citizen e-ID 'NemID' and validated passport photos when creating the certificate.
• Contains anti-fraud functions such as gyro and signed QR code.

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