With a modernised CRM platform and profound use of data, netcompany has built a competitive platform like no other in the B2B retail industry.

The CRM platform and proactive use of data about customers and consumer behaviour has taken AO to the next level in servicing the B2B segment across all devices and digital interfaces. AO and the web shop is particularly targeted at tradesmen.

Churn prediction has strengthened customer relations significantly and revenue has steadily increased by 30 percent over the last years as a result of innovative interfaces with systematic releases of multi-platform user experience improvements, designed to keep the customer interested.

"AO.dk is the contractors’ preferred webshop. It is not your everyday webshop. The webshop adapts to individual costumer’s product needs, which makes the buying experience far more relevant and effective.”

- Stefan Funch Jensen, Director of E-commerce and Marketing, AO Johansen


  • Specially tailored to user needs (e.g. speech to text)
  • Omni-channel marketing provides personal, relevant product promotions
  • Churn prediction based on artificial intelligence (AI) with great precision
  • Automated CRM processes support sales management and customer retention
  • Strong search and filter functionality; makes finding products easy
  • Uniform customer experiences across online and mobile platforms

Thomas Cordth