Analysis of end of life (EOL) technology and impact on critical business services.

A leading UK clothing manufacturer required an analysis of their technology estate to identify EOL Operating systems and Databases within their core European data centres. The approach to the analysis required a top-down and bottom-up approach to determine not only the technical topology but the business services operating on the EOL infrastructure.

Following the discovery and capture of the data and systems affected by the EOL technology, the organisation required consultation with the internal business units to help determine roadmaps and mitigation activities for the various services.

A Netcompany team was deployed to the organisation to work closely with the operational teams and to liaise with the internal business units to analyse the current data centres and identify the EOL Operating Systems and Databases, determining the business services operating and mapping out the various topologies. The team then worked closely with the internal operational teams to generate a model to provide indicative plans and costings for the upgrade and mitigation of the various underlying EOL technology.


  • The team detailed the current EOL position across the European data centres, identified the business services operating on the EOL technology and the criticality to the business of the various services
  • By liaising with the various internal business units, the team determined the criticality of the services to the organisation and identified existing roadmaps and plans for the services
  • A model was generated to provide plans and costings for mitigating the various services based upon the size and complexity of the various topologies
  • The organisation was able to identify which EOL technology was planned for migration and which services would remain on EOL technologies
  • For services that would remain, the team provided mitigation recommendations to minimise risk to the business
  • The organisation was able to provide accurate budgets to the business for the remediation of the EOL technologies

David Hildyard