Assessment and mitigation of current operational backup capabilities.

A high street retailer required a review of their backup and restoration services to ensure they aligned to the operational needs of the business. The review required a detailed assessment of the core data centres capturing the current backup technology and configuration, identifying any gaps and inefficiencies in the solutions deployed.

Following the capture of the “as-is” position, the organisation required a strategic viewpoint of the future operational capability to determine the “to-be” position catering for changes in their technology landscape including greater cloud adoption.

A Netcompany team was deployed to work closely with the global operational teams to analyse the current backup technologies with a particular focus on the core data centres located in Europe and a select number of global sites.


  • The team detailed the current as-is position, documenting the configuration and current backup regime
  • A key set of recommendations were identified to improve the current position and provide a series of tactical steps including remediation plans
  • Inefficiencies in the current regimes were identified and get-well plans created to mitigate key risks identified including lack of comprehensive dashboards and reporting
  • Netcompany performed a market analysis of backup technologies, mapped to the organisation’s requirements and future direction
  • The team spoke to the various vendors of next generation backup technologies to create an availability strategy for the future options with key recommendations

David Hildyard