Helping raise strategic aims of building scalable software using cutting edge technologies.

A large media organisation required a supplier to help them embrace agility both culturally and technologically in order to accelerate further success in the UK. Reaching more than 95% of the UK population, they are capable of reaching and entertaining in excess of 50 million people across the UK every week, allowing them to be recognised as the leading outdoor media company in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.

The client has a diverse portfolio and encompasses a number of commercial radio stations across the UK. With a strong foothold of content distribution in outdoor media spaces including road, rail, and retail advertising, the need to incorporate agility with a view to scaling was imperative.

Using Microservices architecture to replace a monolith commercial system, Netcompany were able to help in supporting their goals to mature as a product team, transitioning away from a project-driven mindset. By implementing cutting edge technologies and frameworks including a move towards continuous delivery, the client was able to adopt a truly agile approach to their operations.


  • Adoption of scrum framework to deliver business value more frequently
  • Help develop new capabilities within the client team with technologies such as Angular 7+, Microservices Design, Micro UIs, Kubernetes AWS
  • Increased velocity with frequent delivery of business value
  • Improved alignment with strategic roadmap
  • Embed a culture of continuous learning and improvement

Christian Brady