A long line of customer-centric digital services and process tools help Møller Mobility Group take a leading position in a truly customer-driven digital future of car retailers.

Møller Mobility Group is the leading car retailer for Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda in Norway, Sweden and the Balkans. Møller Mobility Group employs 4400 people and generates annual revenue of NOK 28 billion.

To help Møller Mobility Group handle major customer-driven changes in the car retail market, Netcompany has modernised the company's IT infrastructure and helped develop several business critical applications which all contribute to making life easier for Møller Mobility Group, the employees and the company's customers. Common for these solutions is that they are all market critical with very short deadlines - e.g. purchasing of Seat online, and the development of online booking systems for the company's customers. Møller Mobility Group has a strong focus on innovation, which makes them a leader in digitalisation within the industry.

Netcompany has delivered several other IT solutions: An online booking service system, mobile applications for car valuations, supply chain handling, service and maintenance system, customer relationship and sales handling (xCRM).



  • Improved customer service and satisfaction through user-friendly applications and digital services
  • Several optimised internal processes (car service booking, valuation, supply chain)
  • Access to customer data produces high business transparency
  • Less administration and connected customer data across entire customer journey

Christoffer Daae-Qvale