Through several years Netcompany has been responsible for developing and maintaining the portal, enabling citizens to access important information. targets all citizens in Denmark with a full view of available relevant and important information to all citizens, whatever their age and requirements.

The project was a true content exercise in gathering, structuring and making available all manner of information under one umbrella. The site has become very popular and every day, citizens with diverse requirements in all professional fields are accessing useful information about the public sector.

This is the fourth year that Netcompany has been responsible for developing and maintaining the portal. was relaunched in yet a new format in January 2017.



  • Better public self-service and cost savings on administrative ressources
  • ”One stop” information, irrespective of individual, case worker, time and place
  • Citizens become more digitally aware and used to source information on place
  • is one of the most popular citizens’ portals: more than 80 percent of citizens access important information via
  • Personal communications, e.g. from SKAT and Digital Post, keep citizens motivated to engage in self-service via

Kim Clausen Agerskov