Enabling business development and growth for world-leading logistics company

DSV is a world-leading supplier of transport and logistics. Each day, 75,000 employees in more than 90 countries help to ensure a steady supply of goods to production lines, outlets, stores and consumers all over the world.

DSV has embarked on an ambitious digitisation journey. The goal is to prepare their infrastructure, application landscape and data platform for the future and lay the groundwork for growth and acquisitions in the years to come. Furthermore, DSV wants to reduce their IT costs to move budget from operations to business development by introducing state-of-the-art platforms on a global scale.

"Escaping vendor lock-in and being in control of our infrastructure is paramount for us, but the biggest value of our transformation lies in the ability to rapidly optimise the business as our needs evolve."
- Jens Lund, Group COO, DSV

Netcompany assists with implementing a hybrid computing platform that supports an elastic system landscape. The new platform equips DSV to meet dynamic markets requirements such as growth, peaks and decline. In addition, DSV has introduced a new global platform to facilitate advanced analytics, AI and process automation. With the platform, DSV can increase transparency and predictability, thus optimising operations across divisions worldwide.

With modern platforms, DSV will be able to meet market needs more effectively, shorten time to market for new business initiatives as well as be more open to new partnerships that can secure further growth. Ultimately, the solution enables DSV to continuously enhance their strong position in the market by future-proofing the business globally.

Richard Davies

Country Managing Partner UK