Netcompany Academy

When you first embark on a new career with Netcompany, you are automatically enrolled in the Netcompany Academy. This applies to both recent graduates and candidates with several years of business experience. But don’t worry. We always gear the level of learning to suit your individual needs. We believe that continuous training throughout your career plays a major role in your development and learning — not to mention, sustaining your level of motivation and commitment to your job. This is a responsibility we take seriously. We know that the best way to ensure your growth is to show you trust and give you responsibility from day one.

Netcompany Academy is much more comprehensive than a traditional training or graduate programme. You will develop faster than anywhere else in the industry. In close cooperation with your personal mentor or project manager, you will get the opportunity to try your hand at a variety of tasks and roles with real customers, so you can shape your own career path within Netcompany. We continuously modify the training levels so they always match your development. As a general rule, we believe that diverse and challenging tasks keep our employees’ motivated and help them develop in their desired direction.

It is our responsibility to create the best framework for you, helping you to set your personal mark not only on the projects you work on, but also on the people you work alongside — both nationally and internationally. Our projects know no borders, not even geographically.

We work where the customers are. That means our teams might comprise of people from all over the world. This provides fascinating opportunities to learn from each other both professionally and culturally.