Recent graduates

We are looking for graduates who want to work on some of the most exciting technology transformation projects in the world.

At Netcompany, a huge part of our success stems from a strong belief that graduates coming straight out of university have the mindset and theoretical knowledge that makes them a perfect fit for the way we approach, develop and execute IT projects. The results speak for themselves and the graduates we hire develop their personal and technical skills in record time.

You have to be committed to making a real difference and you should expect a steep learning curve right from the start, but we guarantee that it will be exciting, fun and challenging.

We believe that responsibilities, trust and challenges develop our employees’ personal and technological competencies. That is the reason why we emphasise that our employees are given responsibility of their tasks and projects right from the beginning of their career at Netcompany. At the same time, we have a team oriented approach, and you are never left on your own.

You will get to be a part of the entire project lifecycle, so you gain a lot of hands-on experience. Your development and career is just as important to us as it is to you. It is part of our business strategy to hire skilled people with a IT-degree and a lot of potential, and then help them become even better – fast. This approach requires that the graduates we hire have a theoretical and technical background and have shown strong results during university.

With our approach to hiring graduates, new employees become a valuable part of Netcompany right from the start. You don’t need years of work experience to be seen as an equal team member. That happens from day one! Besides from on-the-job training, we also offer our employees the opportunity to join the Netcompany Center of Excellence. The Netcompany Center of Excellence is an internal knowledge based community that covers a wide range of different groups, from specific technologies to methodology just to name a few. Combined, you have the chance to learn from the best from across the different countries.

Below Jason shares his thoughts about why he joined Netcompany a Graduate and his experiences of working as a Consultant.

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