Melanie Fuller

Meet Melanie Fuller, a manager in the UK infrastructure practice. Here, she tells us a bit about how she got started in technology, exciting opportunities at Netcompany and what she is truly passionate about.

How did you get into technology? 

Interestingly, I started programming at a young age thanks to my father. He worked for IBM and at corporate family events, the adults would have drinks together while the children learned how to code simple C and C+, which was a pretty cool and forward-thinking thing to do, especially in the 90s. 


Why did you choose Netcompany?

The culture is what sold me. The relationship we have with our clients, which is a partnership more than anything. I also believe in Netcompany’s strong vision. 

I like that Netcompany is still growing and maturing, and this enables us to be agile and truly make a difference for our clients. I’ve worked in big corporates before and it was difficult to be agile and innovative. I like that as a manager at Netcompany, I am trusted to make decisions, but also that every single day I learn something new. 


What is a project you’ve been proud to work on? 

One project I’ve had the pleasure to lead is helping our client modernise their end-to-end workplace through enterprise service design. As opposed to working on a very specific part of the business, this project has involved looking at the entire enterprise and truly make a difference to their core ways of working. 


What motivates you in your work?

I am motivated by the thought that I can make a real difference, solve problems and add value for our clients and society. Service design does this, and that is why I love it. 

I also find great joy in the people side of things, because at the end of the day technology is still people-centric. Netcompany has genuinely amazing talent coming through the ranks and I love the opportunity to mentor and help to enable a better future for my younger colleagues. I’m also a mum to two daughters, and I’m quite passionate about ensuring the future is bright for them. 


How do you tackle work-life balance with a family?

It is important to know how to switch off, and Netcompany is a workplace that supports this. Netcompany believes that for you to do the best work, it starts with doing the best for you personally. I am incredibly invested in my work, but I believe you work to live, not the other way round.