Lewis Crawford

Lewis has a Master’s degree from King’s College in London, and has previously worked within the IT and Technology field. Lewis has already worked with a lot of different technologies and projects which has enabled him to develop rapidly. Read more about his experiences with working in Netcompany in the following section.

A wide range of work tasks

My position as a data consultant entails all things data from setting up a data warehouse to creating reports, analysis and machine learning. I also have been able to get some experience of advising clients on the right choices to make with regards to their data. More recently I have been leading a team delivering an SSRS based reporting solution. 
Working on complicated projects is one of the most enjoyable parts of working in Netcompany, talking to customers being my favourite bit, collecting requirements, suggesting options and presenting the end product. Working with the team to plan each element of the final delivery and then collaborating to get the product perfect for each client.

Being a part of a global success

I had an interesting start in Netcompany, I was part of the first joint Danish/Polish/British team at Netcompany. This allowed me to visit the Copenhagen office fairly early in my career and I got the chance to meet many people from all over Netcompany. Being in an international department allows many opportunities to be social and learn from a wide array of people from different backgrounds. 

Responsibility equals developmen

Netcompany trusts you to deliver from the very first days. It is a testament of the support that the company promotes that most people really shine early on in their career. For myself I started knowing a little SQL (Data Coding Language) and within the first two months I had set up an environment capable of importing files, verifying data quality and loading them into a data warehouse. This kind of experience and quick learning I would not have been able to receive anywhere else.

Many career opportunities

Currently Netcompany UK is in a rapid growth spurt as such there is a need for seniors who have proven themselves as juniors within the company. This creates a great opportunity to grow within the company, provided one focuses and takes their Mentor’s advice on their personal development.

Flat organizational structure 

One thing to highlight is the flat structure of the company. On a monthly basis, we have events that people from all levels of the company come along to, I really enjoy the opportunity to talk to those who have had years more experience than myself. In my first few weeks at Netcompany I was astounded to see André (the CEO) just eating in the company canteen with everyone else. When I pointed out the strangeness of this to my Danish colleagues they were nonplussed suggesting it was perfectly normal.

Mentor as a guide to success 

My Mentor looks after my development, advising me on where he sees me going and which courses I should take to help me get there, it is really good having someone experienced able to guide me to success.