Chris Foster

Chris Foster has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Loughborough University. He has previously worked as a Software Engineer but the many interesting projects at Netcompany made him join our team. Read more about his experiences with working as a software consultant in Netcompany.

Starting at Netcompany 

Since I started at Netcompany everyone has been very friendly and it has been really easy to fit in. I was able to meet with clients straight away and had the opportunity to go on business trips to talk about new business that Netcompany was looking for. This was a great opportunity to see how business takes place at a higher level.
Besides that, the social aspect is very good, everyone enjoys working together, there is a great social atmosphere and we often go for drinks or socialise after work.

Programming tasks

I work almost exclusively in backend programming. However, there are occasionally some front end aspects, so my role could be considered as ‘full stack’. In addition, there are other elements I carry out such as documentation and planning meetings in the agile methodology.

Enables clients to grow

I think the speed in which we are able to start projects and produce MVPs is excellent. This is a vital aspect in a modern business context that enables our clients to grow.

Continiously mentoring 

My mentor has been a great help at Netcompany and is one of the main reasons why I joined in the first place. He always listens and does what he can to help.