Ready, set, go!

Are you currently working towards a computer science or related degree? Or have you just graduated? If so, we want to hear from you!
At Netcompany, you don’t need years of work experience to be considered an equal team member — and we promise to challenge you from day 1! As a graduate at Netcompany, you will work on projects side by side with the rest of your team. You will develop your skills and bring your technology knowledge into play on real-life projects with the potential for positive social impact on businesses and people alike. You will be trusted with tasks and responsibilities that far surpass entry-level positions in other organisations.

"Nurturing and developing young digital talent is a core part of our business. You are the ones who will advance society and solve future challenges within areas such as climate change and health."

André Rogaczewski

CEO & Co-founder, Netcompany

"Netcompany has a welcoming environment that placed me straight in the depths of a big client project when I first joined, which made me feel a big part of the delivery process. It was a great culture to begin my career."

Thomas Jones, Senior Infrastructure Consultant

- on development in Netcompany

You get training and support from your managers and peers

Here at Netcompany, we want you to succeed. We want you to be nurtured and pushed to become your best selves, so expect a steep learning curve right from the start. It may feel like you’re hitting the ground running, but we guarantee that it will be a positive experience. Don’t forget that your team will always have your back!