IT people leading IT people

At Netcompany, we rely on IT people leading IT people. This helps to provide open discourse around specific challenges and solutions to better our technical knowledge.  Your project manager will provide you with guidance, and detailed feedback. This approach provides the optimal conditions for your continuous development and personal growth.
“I have developed exponentially and I believe this is because I am surrounded by other technical and experienced colleagues who are very open and approachable. This has enabled me to learn directly from them and from their experience working in the enterprise environment.“ - Sahabz Darr, Infrastructure Master
We promise a combination of career development, hands-on experience and dedicated support from highly-skilled IT professionals. This ensures that your energy is spent on learning and improving the skills you need to succeed in your career.

"We have developed a unique career model based on experience and
insights in best practices combined
with education in the newest technologies and digital tools"

Lars Ulslev Johannesen

Group HR Director, Netcompany

We promise a combination of career development, challenging day-to-day hands-on experience and dedicated support from highly-skilled IT professionals.

Our Mentorship Programme

Every Netcompany employee is assigned a personal mentor — someone with whom you can discuss your development plan and career goals. The mentor/mentee-relationship will follow you throughout your time at Netcompany and provides continuous professional development and support along the journey, even if you move teams or projects.

“Being a mentor is about supporting your mentee on their chosen career path to fully fulfil their role within the company and reach their full potential, but what is equally important is to ensure their wellbeing."- Corrin Elder, Manager - on being a mentor

All our mentors are experienced employees who have been in the same position as you, and in turn have their own mentors here. You can reach out to them during regularly scheduled mentor meetings, but also outside of these times, whenever you need them. Your mentor not only helps you to settle into your new role but is someone you can reach out to for general guidance throughout your time at Netcompany.