Netcompany After Dark

Here at Netcompany, we know for a fact that we perform better when we know each other and trust our colleagues. The best way to create and nurture these important relationships is through spending time together outside of work, doing something you love!
At Netcompany, we take responsibility for creating a strong social community and provide our employees with many opportunities to build these important bonds. This is why Netcompany After Dark is such a unique, and integral part of our business.
“The After Dark events are always a great team bonding experience, and have made work a lot more enjoyable. Netcompany hosts a wide range of social events, meaning that there is always something that will cater your interests.“ - Shanelie Fernandes, Consultant

After Dark brings to you a variety of events and social gatherings, all year round. From Counter-Strike to cooking, yoga to football, here at Netcompany, you will find like-minded people who share your passions and hobbies. We believe that after hours everyone needs to do what they love, and we end every week with a Friday bar to socialise with our colleagues across the business.

We work and we win - together

What characterises a good job, and a good career? Being surrounded by people you can learn from, that you can trust, but also those who you can share interests with, with who you genuinely enjoy spending time. 

Having the right skills is one thing, but to get the best results, we need the right teams. If we work together, we win together!

Netcompany UK Christmas Party 2021

Hosting our annual UK Christmas party in London early in December was a tremendous experience. It was lovely to see our colleagues and spend time together before the holidays, with a full Christmas dinner and plenty of dancing!