Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones has been working in Netcompany UK since he graduated from University. In Netcompany all of our employees are given responsibility of their tasks and projects right from the beginning of their career. Below, Thomas shares his experience of working in Netcompany and receiving responsibility from the first day.

A company with a strong ethos

I like the ethos of Netcompany and what they want to achieve. When I joined, I believe I offered the skillset that matched the specification and wanted to take on a career path with Netcompany.

Responsibility from the first day and a welcoming environment 

Netcompany has a welcoming environment that placed me straight in the depths of a big client project when I first joined, which made me feel a big part of the delivery process. It was a great culture to begin my career. Since joining Netcompany I have been giving the responsibility of managing client accounts on a day-to-day basis which shows a great sense of trust from the senior management. In my 2 years of working here, I have also enhanced my professional skills through my experience and achieving certifications.

A unique culture

The culture within the company is unique compared to the large firms you see in this industry. You can get to know everyone from the partners down to the new starters and everyone is willing to help each other to achieve. We have monthly socials, we call this the ‘After Dark’ events. This can be anything from team building activities, social groups or just even an evening at a bar. It’s a great way to network across projects.

My mentor is important for my career development

In Netcompany we also have a mentoring scheme in which all employees are affiliated with a mentor throughout their career. It is great to have a mentor who I can talk to whenever I need advice or just a bit of guidance on situations I may require help on as I continue my development. We have monthly meetings to discuss everything work-related and set short, medium and long term goals to achieve, which gives me my challenge to succeed.