Our Approach

How we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

We are seen as a viable alternative to the tier one providers and whilst we offer many of the same services as the more traditional suppliers we are truly disrupting the marketplace by the approach that we take and the way we work in true partnership with our clients.

It is our goal to be seen as the most magical and driven supplier that any of our clients work with, to be agile and flexible beyond any realistic expectation and to be seen as the supplier that resets all benchmarks on how a true partner should act.

We always look to put some skin in the game to ensure we are hungry to deliver beyond our client’s requirements and our industry leading approach to fixed priced and outcome based deliveries means that our motivations are aligned with our clients. We strongly believe this approach allows us to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


We have built our company on the six founding principles below

Our teams flex to meet the demands of our clients and are agile enough to ensure that even the most challenging of deadlines can be achieved. Failing to meet commitments is not an option and we don’t believe clients should be penalised for change.
We want to be an extension of your IT Department, a trusted advisor & true partner. Our teams will be as passionate about your organisation as you are, sharing a desire to deliver exceptional IT & fully committed to meeting your goals.
Integrity runs through our DNA. Our teams always do what is appropriate and act in the best intentions of clients. By always doing what is right, ahead of any commercial interest, allows us to build long-term, trusted relationships with our clients.
We have a strong background in delivering high-quality, low-cost IT solutions and services. We are always willing to ‘put some skin in the game’ and offer true outcome based commercials to ensure we’re only rewarded when our client’s requirements are fully met.
Our teams are made up of true experts in their field. We train them well and ensure their expertise is constantly refreshed. We also invest heavily in knowledge sharing tools to ensure our clients benefit from the collective knowledge of Netcompany.
Our teams are passionate about IT, actively keeping abreast of the latest products and services to ensure clients benefit from technology advances. We proactively research how industries are innovating to ensure our clients stay ahead of the game.