Netcompany Global Tech Talk: Serverless Log Monitoring

Join our next online Tech Talk where Marek, our Managing Architect, will talk about a custom log monitoring solution that was recently delivered for one of our clients. The solution automatically processes log messages from multiple systems and creates incidents in ServiceNow whenever anomalies are detected.


To tune in to the tech talk, please sign up using the link below. You will receive a link to stream the talk on April 7th.

About the presentation:

Imagine a new implementation of a core system at a large insurance company supporting customer engagement, policy handling and billing. What if I told you that this system, which to a sales agent looks like a unified platform, is in fact two separate applications: a System of Records and System of Engagement, with the former being deployed on premise – and the latter in the cloud. Then imagine that each of those two systems integrates not only with each other but also with dozens of external and internal platforms, using both synchronous and asynchronous communication models, sending ad-hoc web callouts or initiating long-running batch processes… How will you know that something failed among all that chaos? How will you decide when to involve the support team and how to communicate resolution steps to them?

Expect to see lots of cool Amazon Web Services components, like SQS, Lambda and ElasticSearch in action.

Note that the presentation will be in English.

We look forward to virtually hanging out and sharing knowledge!