CI/CD: Do It Yourself

Join our next Netcompany Global Tech Talk where Piotr Malinowski, our Managing Architect in Warsaw, will talk about tools for continuous integration and continuous delivery, and how to do it yourself.

Piotr has 10+ years of experience in IT consulting and programming. He started his DevOps journey more than 2 years ago in one of the biggest Danish public sector projects. Since then he is gathering best practices in the area, which started an internal research project in Netcompany: DevOps Accelerators where Piotr was a Tech Lead.

DIY (“do it yourself”) ethic promotes the idea that anyone is capable of performing a variety of tasks rather than relying on specialists. It does not matter whether it is self-made furniture, a cake, a toy for kids, or … CI/CD pipeline – the goal is the same: do it without (a lot of) specialist knowledge, be self-sufficient, and have some fun. 

In order to be able to DIY, there are two essential ingredients: passion and tools.

Piotr would like to show some of the modern tools (Gitlab CI/CD, Bitbucket pipelines, GitHub Actions) for “doing DevOps”, but also paying attention to basics (Bash, Docker) - with passion as well.

Be ready for some live coding, some YAML, and – contradictory to presentation title – almost no buzzwords.

Please note that the presentation will be in English.

For you to tune in to the virtual event, you need to sign up using the link attached no later than November 16th.

You will receive the streaming link on the day of the event.

We look forward to virtually hanging out and sharing knowledge!